Tasting Victory In Life

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Tasting Victory came about from a book I started to write on sports. I coached my son in baseball for a few years and decided to begin a quest of helping coaches to improve in their coaching ability. I soon realized that tasting victory applied not only to sports but also to every category of life. We want to be victorious in love, relationships, marriage, raising children, our job, financial prosperity you name it, it applies. So I’ve dedicated this blog to writing about the different aspects of life where I feel I’ve been victorious and can help others.


Victory will come for you if you have a vision and you line your confession up with your vision and act upon it. I have a great friend who for years has had many things come to pass, he’s very successful. He recently started a new job selling windows and construction and within a few months won an award for the selling an abundance of work. I was over at his house not long ago and noticed he had large cork bulletin board with his vision for what he and his wife wanted to come to pass. I thought what a tremendous idea. So my wife and I immediately went out and did the same. We call it a Vision Board ( we did not come up wit the term). Click on the link if you’d like to put a Vision Board on your computer. (It’s Awesome)

 We put pictures of things we want to come to pass on our board and every day we confess and visualize these things coming to pass. When we have Victory we move the picture over to the Victory side of the board and put a V over it. My son made the high school baseball team so our baseball picture is on the Victory side of the board. Disney is already in the works and will be on the Victory side of the board soon.

 Now let me clarify something for you, we’re christian’s which is why greater spirtitual understanding is on the board. We pray for this stuff every day.  The principle involved here will work for christian and non christian the key is what action are you taking to bring to pass what you are believing for. If you want to go to Disney but you are not setting aside any money to go then chances are you won’t go. Having a vision involves determining what you are going to give in order to recieve.  It maybe you give of your time to go out and ask others for help. Remember Luke says give.

 Getting back to the beginning of this article remember I said I got started on this quest of helping others by writing a book about sports. Ultimately having a vision really lived for me during my coaching days. Biblically I’ve known about having a vision and have utilized visualization for years, but my greater understanding of this subject came from a little league team manager who I coached with.  When I first met this gentleman I can’t honestly say that I really liked him because my son was on his team and he wasn’t playing my son as much as I wanted him to. Yes I’m a typical parent I wanted my son to get more playing time than he was getting. Alltogether my son was on this coaches team three times. Twice his teams won the championship for our little league. The first time they won the championship was at the little league majors level my son averaged a couple of innings a game and that was it. So when he moved up to the junior level of play and went into the draft my wife and I were believing that my son would get picked by a different coach. When the phone rang that night it was this coach and he told me he had picked my son and then he shocked me by asking me if I would assist him with the coaching.

I said sure and this is where I learned much about mindset. If you don’t know what mindset is I will explain it to you. Mindset is what you are really believing for. It is what you are confessing in the inner depths of your heart.  I coached with about 6 or 7 different coaches over the years with equal talent that this coach was working with but the other coaches always seemed to focus get side tracked in their thinking by the players who were not that good. This coach no matter how many bad players he had  always confessed that his team would win and win we did. I realize that little league is not major league baseball.  Why should you take advice from a little league, AAU coach? (Thats right I coach AAU for a while) It’s simple the principles of winning and being successful are the same no matter what level life you are living. What you are confessing and believing in the depths of your heart you will recieve.