End Acne A Simple Solution for Victory?

April 5, 2009 by  
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We’ve fought it for years those awful zits. We’ve tried everything, proactive, antibiotics, vinegar, clearasil, benzoyl peroxide  you name it  nothing seemed to work. These are all good products that work for many people why weren’t they working for us. An amazing revelation though these products mostly work on the surface it’s the interior that needs to be fixed. When asked we him to change his eating habits and eliminate the two or three boxes of cereal my son was eating in two days the zits started decreasing. Folks sometimes the interior needs to be flushed. Bread, wheat, potatoes and corn are all carbohydrates that cause acne. Eliminate the acids in your system work on making your system more alkaline.

When I first posted the above  information, it was after seeing a video on wheat, potatoes, corn and bread being responsible for causing acne. Of course there is more to acne than just eliminating these carbohydrates. Each individual could have a number different things that could affect their skin. Everybody is different in chemical make up and  physical function. So figuring out what is causing the acne is the key to eliminating it. Food allergies or candida abicans could play a major role in causing the dreaded zit.

I’ve come to the conclusion that acne is an internal problem that is curable by dietary changes. This is especially true if you’ve tried all the skin cleansers and benzoyl peroxide products on the market and still have pimples on your skin. I’ve purchased a couple of books on the topic and have gone about implementing the dietary suggestions in the books to help cure the acne.

The two books I purchased are Acne No More  and the other book I purchased is Eat Away Your Acne. Both of these books deal in  dietary ways to eliminate acne. Each book gives you information on foods to eat and things you can do to cleanse your system, and different supplements you can use to help facilitate the healing.  I’ve used the knowledge out of each book to help solve the problem. Acne No More will absolutely get rid of the acne however the dietary change is so severe that most people, especially teenagers will not want to make diet the sacrifice they will need to make to get the healing. Eat Away Your Acne has dietary changes in it that are major changes for most people however they are more palatable for a teenager. The 90/ 10 rule in the book gives the individual the opportunity to occasionally enjoy the foods that have been removed their diet. This book may be easier to get a teenager to do.