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So here we go for round two of the Lifes Victories Carnival. Victory is attainable as we set a vision for ourselves. Every time I have won in a game or anything in life I’ve always been focused on the goal or vision I’ve set. In a team situation the whole team needs to be on board with the vision you’ve set. Knowledge is absolutely necessary to get the victory. Some of the posts you are about to read have knowledge in them that will help you achieve victory. Other posts are stories of people winning in different categories of life.

Harold presents Cash for Clunkers – An Uncertain Future posted at The Car Enthusiast.

Michael presents Protect Yourself from Useless Auto Warranties posted at Car Information. Tips To Buy, Maintain, And Insure A Car..


Ashley presents Easy Ways to Save Money at the Gas Station posted at Saving Money Today

Ashley presents Money Saving & Goal Setting posted at Saving Money Today.

Debt Wizard presents Savings and Timeframes posted at Money Tips. Help With Money.

Joshua presents Teaching Your Kids About Money posted at Family and Parenting: Information For Families.

Jenny presents Stop The Credit Card Madness posted at Stop Spending Money.

Neal Schaffer presents LinkedIn Profile Tips: The 10 Mistakes You Want to Avoid and Why posted at Windmill Networking.  

Jeremy presents Things to Do After a Car Accident posted at The Car Spot. Jeremy presents How to Lower Your Car Insurance Payments posted at The Car Spot.

nissim ziv presents How to Reach your Career Goals and Objectives posted at Job Interview Guide.

doug boude presents Buying a New Home is Easy! Part 2 of 2 posted at Doug Boude (rhymes with ‘loud’).

Health- Eating and living in a healthy manner is so important to being victorious.

Cory presents Diet Vs. Exercise posted at Eat Healthy, Live Healthy.

Dr. Wilson presents How Chiropractic Can Help With Fibromyalgia posted at Tree of Life Chiropractic.

jonojonothan presents Scrawny? posted at Sambasixtytwo’s Blog.

Relationships and Self Improvement

This next post is interesting because it’s talking about your biggist critic yourself.

Karl Raats presents 5 ways of dealing with your inner critic posted at Pinching the Ostrich.

Ben presents How to be Assertive and Increase Your Confidence posted at Self Help Gold.

Victoria presents It’s Time To Call His Bluff | Tips To Get Married And Find Love. Dating Help For Women. posted at Time To Get Married.

Wise_Bread presents The Best Book I’ve Ever Read About Making Changes Stick posted at Wisebread.

Sarah Clark presents The Mother Load: Cleaner living through mom’s cooking posted at The Mother Load.
michael fehlauer presents When You?ve Lost Your Swing posted at Mike N Bonnie.

self_help_devotee presents Read This Today And Change Your Life Tomorrow posted at Things That Teach Us.

Ruda Krishna presents Live and Let Live posted at The Pathless Mind.


I included this article on Tourette’s syndrome because the author could help someone who has just been diagnosed with the syndrome.  Anyone who has a disease like this could use the help in understanding what they are in for.

Janette Hanagarne presents New Series: How To Have Tourette’s posted at World’s Strongest Librarian.


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