My Confession is all Wrong

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I played golf yesterday with a friend and realized my confession is all wrong. My friend did not make a single negative confession about his game and he played a good game of golf. I kept making negative confessions and then had to keep correcting myself. When I got to certain holes that have given me fits before I would confess that I always have trouble with this hole. Well what you confess and believe for you will receive, and I did. Every time I confessed that I don’t play a hole very well that is exactly what happen.

Now mind you I’ve been playing golf for around forty years. What you confess and believe for you will receive. So throughout the round of golf I kept having to change my confession. However changing your confession without changing what you really believe in you heart will do you no good. I kept hitting balls in the woods and in the water through out the round. When I finally got to the point that my confession matched my believing  I started to play golf better. On the eighteenth hole I made a negative confession but then immediately changed it and believed what I was saying. This hole is extremely tough!! Your drive needs to be precise, if the ball goes to the left it’s in the water if it goes right it can also go in the water and you have a long shot to the green. Hitting it straight will put you in a good position but you have to go over a good sized body of water to get to the green. So I hit this long straight drive, fired a four iron over the water just short of the green. Pitched up on the green about twelve feet past the cup and then sank that put for my par, which was my third par in a row. I usually get 7’s and 8’s on the eighteenth.  When I quit confessing the negative and started believing in the ability that God has blessed me with I started playing much better.

I also remembered something else during this round that helped me. Be willing to seek help from others if things are not going right. At one point during the round I started to slice the ball way off line. I kept saying something is wrong with my swing and asked my playing partner if he could see if I was doing anything wrong. His correction was tremendous he told me I was not making a full turn of my hips. When I initiated the correction of this problem and started making the full turn I started hitting beautiful shots. The whole point of this is keep your confession and believing positive. If you need wise counsel with anything don’t be afraid to ask for it.

The person who can recognize when their confession is wrong and push themselves to change what they are believing will be successful. Sometimes it takes someone recognizing the error and pointing it out. The meek and coach-able will attain their goals by applying  what they have learned to attain their objective.

Believing is a law. What you are confessing in your heart with believing absolutely will come to pass. So push yourself to confess the positive even if it does not seem like it is possible for what you desire to come to pass. When you believe in the depths of your heart for something, it has to come to pass. Believing is a law that is universal and worldwide. Some people refer to it as the law of attraction. The law of attraction happens to be the modern term for the law of believing which was established by the one true God.


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  1. This is an excellent post. I am completely in agreement that one’s perspective can definitely impact the ability to make necessary changes. Anyone can look from a negative perspective as it seems it is much easier and more common to utilize this approach. Changing your perspective to look for the positive can create an enormous difference in the realization of one’s goal. This is akin to turning around and seeing the ocean rather than the sand dunes. Some might argue that both the ocean and the dunes are beautiful, this too is simply a matter of perspective.

    Thanks for contributing this inspirational post to the Athletic Alley Blog Carnival.

  2. Hey Rick, sorry I haven’t stop by in awhile. Life can get busy you know?

    Well I’m about to put together another inspirational true stories blog carnival and wanted to let you know that I think most of your articles are definitely going to be included. You are a very talented writer and a good eye for making a connection between practical problems and larger solutions.

  3. Bill Bartmann says:

    I’m so glad I found this site…Keep up the good work I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog. Thanks,

    A definite great read…:)

  4. kempozone says:

    Im sure many of you are like me and one of the first things you do in the morning is head here and check out the new post. Along with seeing the new posts, I’m also always checking out the blog roll rss feed and watching them grow, or shrink sometimes. In one of my past …but all in all excellent site. Keep it up!


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