Life’s Twists

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This past week was a week of life’s twists for me. I went to the dentist on Tuesday to get my teeth cleaned and checked. I was really blessed to learn that my teeth were OK and needed no work. I have a couple of teeth that they are watching for possible repair work. A cleaning with no expense it’s a great day.  Anyway when I got home from the dentist it was supper time so I proceeded to eat a tremendous meal my wife had prepared. When I was done with the meal I got my self some dark semi sweet chocolate to eat. The chocolate was tasting great when suddenly I noticed what seemed to be a piece of glass in the chocolate. It made me mad that the company that produced the chocolate didn’t have better quality control; mind you this is a well known chocolate maker. As I fished the glass out of my mouth and took a look at the white piece of porcelain I wasn’t very happy. I began reading the label looking for the phone number so I could call the company and give them lecture on quality control.

 While I was searching for the number I gazed at the piece of glass and realized the little ceramic item looked like a chunk of tooth. As I cleared out the chocolate that was caked to my teeth I noticed that one tooth was extremely sharp and had a great big hole in it. My joy of having no repairs needed on my teeth was replaced by the thought of repair work and expense. My anger at the chocolate company turned to make sure you have all the facts before lashing out at someone.

 So I called the dentist the next day and got great news that they would be able to get me in that very same day. As I sat in the dentist chair and he began the scrutiny of my tooth my believing was that this tooth was going to be repairable without installing the dreaded crown. The dentist finally made the announcement the best thing to do was to put a crown on. The second best or least desirable idea was a filling could be put in it. When the dentist said the best case scenario was to install a crown I believe he meant the best case scenario for him was to install a crown.

 I asked for the cost differential between the two types of repair. The hygienist who handles giving the prices proceeded to give me the two costs. “The crown is $1075.00 of which your insurance will cover half. The last time we did a filling it cost you $41.00.” “Let me think about this I said. Do I want to spend $537.00 for a crown or $41.00 for a filling? I’ll take the filling.” 

 The funny thing is if you did away with insurance, the cost of the repair would most likely be close to what you are co paying with the insurance. Insurance sure is a money making industry at least until our socialist government gets a hold of it.

 So Wednesday night my wife asked me if I could turn our bed mattress with the help of our son. Now we have a Queen sized pillow top mattress that is not exactly light. I guess no queen size bed mattress would be considered light. Anyway I set the room up so that we could maneuver the mattress from one side of the bed to the other. With my sons assistance we took the mattress and slid it around the bed to the other side. Due to my wife’s night stand you cannot bring the mattress to the point where you can just flop the mattress down you have to physically lift it over the end board leg and then slide the mattress onto the bed box spring. Unfortunately I was not on that end of the mattress when we proceeded to do this. As the mattress slid onto the box spring the end board leg broke.

 Furniture tragedy had struck! My wife was visibly upset, my son was feeling bad and I had a bed dilemma on my hands. I needed to diffuse the blame, and figure out how to get my wife happy again. Since my son was on the end of the mattress that broke the bed he was getting blamed. I shared with my wife that it wasn’t really his fault. I did not communicate to him clear enough the best way to place the mattress on the box springs. Diffusing the blame was easy figuring out how to fix the broken  leg was my real challenge. You see this bedroom set was the life long bedroom set that a woman desires. For me I couldn’t care less if the bedroom set matches as long as the bed is comfortable. So I suggested to my wife that maybe we should get a new bed. This statement was met with “this was my lifelong set it matches. Well maybe we could buy a whole new set that matches, but I like this bedroom set.” The dilemma had struck! How do I fix a broken leg that was turned on a lathe and then carved?” That will cost probably as much as what I paid for the original bed room set many years ago. As I looked at the broke leg I realized that I could fix the leg myself without hiring anyone. All I needed was some wood glue, 2 3/4 inch wood screws a drill and a screw driver and some wood putty. Thankfully the break on the leg was a clean break. Within one day of buying the supplies that were needed I had the bed back together and my wife smiling. I fixed the bed for less than twenty dollars.

Life at times can have some interesting twists. Twist and obstacles are overcome by focusing the mind on the goal. By listening and communicating. Our household is now smiling again and I learned a valuable lesson in detailed instruction and communication. One day perhaps I’ll remember what I seem to learn over and over again.


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