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Let’s talk about victory and celebrating our victories. I honestly get tired of seeing all the negative things the world promotes through  the news media and even commercials. It seems to me we need to develop a positive news network. I would rather hear about people who believe to achieve than about murder, killing and fear.  Reading about people who get healed, achieve victory,  win in sports, or overcome in life thrills me.

So I started accepting articles on Life’s Victories. I honestly did not know what to expect when I started doing this. Most of the articles I had submitted to me were not what I was expecting. My ultimate goal was to have people submit a true post of where they overcame something I only had a few articles submitted to me that met this criteria. Next I expected people to submit information on how to over come problems such as fear there are plenty of articles that were along these line. Of course I also expected that there would be some articles submitted that have nothing to do with Lifes Victories and there were. 

There are some great Victory Posts listed on this blog that I think the individual who likes to read about positive results will enjoy. There are also plenty of articles where people are showed how to overcome. I’m sure you will find some helpful information here.

Victory stories Personal Life!

GeekMBA360 presents From laid-off dot com worker to medical doctor posted at GeekMBA360.

Glowing Face Man presents My Time in Air Force Tech School posted at Glowing Face Man.

This next post is of a mother and son working together to make something. I’m a firm believer in families and parents and children working together to achieve.

Kakie Fitzsimmons presents Magnet word poetry pulls a family together posted at Bur Bur & Friends: Community Park.

Vincent presents How To Eliminate Mediocrity From Your Life posted at Health Money Success.

Travis presents Living Your Life posted at Personal Web Guide.

This next article is more of a series of article from a Christian perspective on ways to over come in your personal life.

Alvina Lopez presents 100 Inspirational Blog Posts for Personal Change posted at Online Bible College Degrees – Online Bible Colleges.

This next post is not an article on overcoming something but it is an article on how you can use twitter to get a job. I included the information because if it helps someone to attain work then I’m all for it. Victories past and present and future are important to me.

Linda Jones presents 100 Useful Twitter Tools and Feeds for Your Job Search posted at – Job Descriptions and Online Schools to Start Your Career.

Success at times can also involve planning and preparation! Time Management is important. Check this post out on this topic.

Douglas Manning presents Time Management Tools: Creating An Effective To Do List posted at

Married couples it is important to keep the flame burning in your marriage the following post provides some tips on doing that.

Michael presents Dating Your Spouse To Prevent Infidelity posted at Catch Spouse Cheating.

JJ presents Little Things That Turn Women Off posted at The Aged Male.

Gabriel presents – Signs She May Be Cheating on You posted at How To Attract Women.


I honestly wrestled with putting some articles in a blog carnival on life’s victories. There were a few posts on weddings which I had trouble visualizing what an article on a wedding dresses has to do with life’s victories. I found a couple articles on wedding planning that I felt fit the criteria only because it has a great deal of information on planning a wedding, which is perhaps one of the most stressful times in a persons life. There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into putting on a wedding. Perhaps theses articles will help you overcome the stress.

Nui Loa presents 69 Amazing Resources to Help You Plan Your Dream Wedding posted at Love Hacks.

Weddings Affordable presents Fun Wedding Ideas posted at Cheap Wedding Ideas.

This next post is about forgiveness and a person who had a tough childhood due to an overbearing parent. It’s worth the read. There is a one finger salute in it just in case you are easily offended.

Nicole presents Forgive Your Parents, For They Know Not What They Do posted at Just MakeItBetter.

How to Overcome

Relax presents 8 powerful ways to make people like you posted at The Wise Curve. Relax presents How to become clever posted at The Wise Curve.

John Anyasor presents How to Overcome Shyness posted at HiLife2B.

 axel presents Learning To Trust posted at axel g.

 Overcoming Fear

axel presents Consumed By Collective Fear posted at axel g.

Scientific Living presents The Key to Personality Development Is Remembering Death posted at Scientific Living.Scientific Living presents How to Tell Your Own Future posted at Scientific Living.

Rick Schiano presents Victory is Overcoming Fear posted at Ricks Victory Blog

I did not get many posts on the subject of health and healing. I’m sure that there are plenty of people who have been healed, some in a miraculous fashion. The few submissions I did get on healing were more along the lines of believing to get healed. Which is OK.  Look at the woman who spent 12 years and all her finances to get healed in the bible. She finally got healed when she believed she would get healed when she touched Jesus Christs garment.

Health and Fitness

The next two articles are along the lines of believing to get healed. I like them and included them because to have victory in life you never give up! I believe this author will get healed of whatever is ailing her if she believes God and never gives up.

SmallTownSim presents HOOAH! posted at Joy’s Journey To Wellness.
SmallTownSim presents What stands up- sometimes falls down posted at Joy’s Journey To Wellness.
SmallTownSim presents Facing your demons posted at Joy’s Journey To Wellness.

Josh Hanagarne presents New Series: How To Have Tourette’s posted at World’s Strongest Librarian.

Rick Schiano presents Believing in Gods Healing

I also got one blog post on  celebrities that are insanely health. Though it is not of someone overcoming. The article may inspire others to start working out and get healthier.

Nancy Miller presents 10 Celebrities Who Are Insanely Healthy posted at Radiology Technician Schools.

Cory presents Frisbee for Fun and Fitness posted at Eat Healthy, Live Healthy.

Victory in Finances

The articles in this section basically give information on how to overcome in the finances area.

Martin Russell presents “Conspiracy of the Rich”- A Review posted at Word of Mouth Marketing.

Joshua presents Re-Using For The Family Budget posted at Family and Parenting: Information For Families.

Dan Miller presents Student Loan posted at Student Consolidation.

This post is not what you would expect you just have to read the article to understand what I’m talking about.

MBB presents Winning The Powerball Lottery posted at Money Blue Book Blog.

This is one of those articles that could help anyone that is dealing with social security disability issue.

Hal LaPray presents Interview With A Social Security Attorney posted at Disability Information & Resources.

To your success and abundance. May you overcome in all situations as you live life, believing to win in all situations.


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